Hi, my name is Julien, I am professional personal trainer in Bali.

Are you visiting Bali? Are you living here as an expat? The time has come to take care of your health.

How great would it be to come back from your holidays with a tighter body? How amazing would it be to take part in more outdoor activities with your friends and family?

The time has come to lose that belly and build the healthy and high performance body you have always wanted.

After a couple of training sessions we will do just that. Let me put together a comprehensive program to help you meet your specific goals.

I will motivate you, design a nutrition program, help you set your expectations and optimize every session to meet your goals.

Let’s have fun and see results!


I will work hard to make you healthier, stronger and happier.


As an experienced personal trainer I will pay close attention to your exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan.

My job is to motivate you and give you professional advice to achieve outstanding results. Together we will improve your health and increase your confidence. Our personal training sessions will result in greater strength and tighter body shapes. Together we will set up goals and I will give you expert direction and encouragement.

The training-sessions will incorporate all the components of total fitness including strength development, muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility.


Check out my video: a day of personal training in Bali:



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